The Mogul Treat Restaurant, Mangalore

This is one restaurant that I will unabashedly campaign for. Accuse me of crass commercialism… go ahead, cause I need this restaurant to be in business if I have to keep getting my fair share of the world’s best biriyani.


I have eaten biriyani in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Delhi and Mumbai – eaten it in restaurants that matter and even those that don’t to the outside world. But never have I tasted such fine biriyani as that at The Mogul Treat in Mangalore.

The mutton biriyani is juicily cooked in fresh spices and the masala layers in the biriyani match the aroma and taste of the basmati rice. It is not too oily or greasy on the fingers. Besides the biriyani you have a whole lot of mughlai dishes. Sheekh kababs are pretty good too. But when you get to the restaurant make sure the mutton biriyani is on top of your menu. You can get a takeaway or sit in the cozy ambience of a simple but well decorated restaurant. Would suggest takeaway as the restaurant is small and tends to get full almost immediately.


Millennium Towers


Mangalore – 575002

Pricing: Reasonable


4 thoughts on “The Mogul Treat Restaurant, Mangalore”

  1. hey, there
    i too love biriyani…. and have destroyed my stomach searching for that perfect plate of dum biriyani,…. more than often…. i visit all these great places in blore & else where & eat whatever i can, but the main course has to be biriyani…. coz i usually judge a place by the biriyani they cook.’

    anyways…..i thought the biriyani at The Cellar….behind our high school was great, till they changed the management….

    since u in blore… i suggest u check out…. Akbari…… thats a very seedy & sidey place just before RT nagar in blore…. its on the main road,,,.. u really cant miss it…. rahmat nagar i think…..The place looks like something out of a clive barker film… but the biriyani…. quantity & qaulity wise,…. i just bliss….. check it out….

    and for sexy women….

    1. Mogul Treat is a treat for the palate, at least for me. People have varied tastes, so check it out and lemme know. Will definitely check out Akbari. Thanks for the tip. Any more good food joint guides are most welcome.

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