All aboard the vomit comet

I have been travelling between Bangalore and Mangalore the last couple of weeks and the trips have been little more than memorable for all the wrong reasons. Last night was my latest trip on this KSRTC Volvo bus as I came down to Mangalore for the Republic day weekend.


Last week sequence was as follows…

Couple with kid gets on bus in Bangalore. Get into the seats right behind us (Cronin was with me). Man opens tiffin box and stuffs the baby with god knows what. I get this uneasy feeling that something is gonna happen behind as bus bumps along Bangalore’s roads. Pass on this feeling to Cronin. Hardly a minute goes by since this statement is made than the baby retches and pukes all over the couple. Cronin grits teeth and says, ‘You spoke too early dude’. The closed bus with the air conditioning circulating begins to smell and we are the most affected. Go through the night with the rotting, stale air hitting our nostrils. End result – no sleep and puke all over our bags that were placed under our seats. Weekend spent with a splitting sleep deprived headache and washing my carry bag nearly 5 times. Still think I smell something there.

Last night…

Get on bus at Majestic bus stand, Bangalore. No couple or baby behind me. In the middle of the night as I just settle into a deep sleep, someone roughly brushes past me. Open eyes and see man rushing to conductor’s cabin. He grabs a black plastic bag from conductor and we hear a roar followed by a whoosh. Rest of the night filled with bad dreams and a lingering pungent odour. Situation compounded by lady in front who wakes up and then decides that she may also want to go over the falls. Fortunately, sense and self-control prevails. Reach Mangalore clean, tidy but psychologically scarred again. No breakfast in the morning…

Alternative modes of transport being considered now…


2 thoughts on “All aboard the vomit comet”

  1. heh heh!
    has happened with me too – on the goa-belgaum Paulo volvo.. a guy pukes in the bus (come on, cant people get up and request the driver to pull over?)
    We spent a good two hours on our way to belgaum in that pathetic odour!

    bunny –

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