Am I a loner?

A random Skype call last weekend with a relative who randomly calls whenever she feels its time to call in a favour ended in me introspecting a bit on a personal characteristic. It so happened that this aunt of mine had come across my old classmate at the bank and somewhere in the conversation my name happened to crop up (don’t ask me how… well, actually there
was some Facebook connection to it). My classmate went on to tell my aunt how I remained aloof from all the get-togethers that my class organized from
time-to-time. I was a stuck-up Mangalore boy who rushed home every weekend leaving broken hearts to party in sorrow. That’s nothing new, people within the family have not veered too far from this very notion.

By the way, this friend was talking about my college days in Manipal. In reality, I doubt anyone really missed me save for a couple (?) of close friends. My main intention of rushing home every weekend was to make sure
my laundry got done at home and not at the neighborhood dhobi ghat which looked like it would be a good substitute for the vat of acid where the Joker fell in and gave us that photo op grin. Also, I rushed home to play the demo version of ‘Medal of honor’ and make sure I made it past the first stage. I admit, I am a self serving dude. I need my things to get done first and then take a look at what others have in mind. Partying after a week of classes and just smelly clothes in hand was the last thing on my mind when I left Manipal over the weekends.

This trend extended when I came to Bangalore to begin my career. Weekends are sacred to me. Weekends are when I make sure that my cable operator is worth every penny I pay him each month. Star Movies, HBO, World Movies, Sony PIX, take up most of my weekend. If the friend is worth it I squeeze in some time for him/her too. So coming back to my loner question, I was asked by a relative, why in the world didn’t I mix around with friends. Well the simple answer to that is, I just didn’t feel the need to. When I have my hands full with smelly clothes, Medal of Honor, DVDs and the odd VHS tapes where do I have the time to socialize?

Am I a loner? No, no way, definitely nein. I guess in the midst of all the noise that a party throws up people have forgotten the meaning of silence. If ‘silence is golden’ is too clichéd for you then try ‘silence can be a mind reader’. Try it, Silence has made me AWARE of the world around me. Silence has kept me entertained as I watch dumkoffs spew their brains out. Giving time to myself over the weekends has made me relaxed, though it would be wishful thinking and a sacrilege to call myself the dude from Big Lebowski.

Silent loner who lives in the shadows – that’s me and I love that. More so, I leave it to your imagination to give me the freedom to work according to my profile. Till then omerta is the word.


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