Intellectual fraudsters

This has been a quiet weekend save for a function I attended last evening that was organised by a friend. During the function one of the main speakers was introduced as a social worker who had a doctorate from the Cosmopolitan University, USA. This piece of information piqued my curiosity as I had never heard of this university. Of late, in my interactions with ixedoc I had bemoaned the fact that integrity played a very small roll in the present set of people who went about calling themselves (or made sure others did) as ‘intellectuals’. ixedoc is definitely one of those whom I admire for his all-round insights. Mangalore is known for its rich educational and meritorious culture, and the intellectuals who have come out of this city have been recognised by their respective fraternities worldwide.

Now, this lady with the prefix Dr. from the Cosmopolitan University did give a good talk. She was clear, articulate and lively – none of those qualify for an intellectual. When I got home and checked out Cosmopolitan University, this is what I got – an open invitation to subscribe to the honorary doctoral roll and have the opportunity to go by my new title Dr. Papa Bear. All this for a ‘reasonable handling fee ‘ which go towards enhancing their research projects. In their honour list I also noticed that there were a lot more people from Mangalore who had subscribed to this degree and openly went about calling themselves Dr. so and so…

I then checked the antecdents of the Cosmopolitan University and realised it was blacklisted by the US Justice Department and investigations were going on into its functioning. It’s operating centres are said to be in Miami, Belgium, Missouri and even New Zealand. No one has seen or heard about the infrastructure. People have just ‘bought’ degrees, complete with the Latin inscriptions and honour roll of their achievements. All I gotta do for applying is send an email to the University board and state my achievements in it. My antecendents will be ‘checked’ and the degree will be delivered. I would have done it this afternoon if my credit card was not maxed out. Awwww……!!

Their honour list included an eminent educationist from my region and scores of Indians from all over the world. They even had a nationality index percentage list where Indians stood second after Americans with the most number of honorary doctorates. I knew us guys were achievers… but so many, in such a short time, from a single univeristy… gimme a break. The guys who got their doctorates have legitimate degrees from their univeristies in India but just missed out on that Dr. tag. Nor did they want to go through years of research before receiving this tag. Hence the application to Cosmopolitan University.

So much for a university that runs on a name shared with a famous fashion rag. Someone commented the other day that Mangalore was getting more Cosmopolitan by the day. My friend, you coudn’t have said it better. As for the lady ‘social worker’ and educationist from Mangalore… Drs. may we see the prescription please.


One thought on “Intellectual fraudsters”

  1. I bet they have a list saying more Indians flew to America for performing surgeries than Americans who flew to Mexico for scoring heroin.

    But I must say, I am secretly glad that your dear Mangalore is feeling the fallacies of modern society. Why should we, metros, be the only ones affected!

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