Oozing sex… and a lot of blood too

If you ever thought Mahatma Gandhi could never spout four letter words even in your dreams then watch Sexy Beast. This is Ben Kingsley‘s movie. He spouts four, five , six… letter words at the speed of the roadrunner in the Wily Coyote series. Boy, did this movie wake me up. It so happened that I ended up sleeping on most of the movies I watched last week. Didn’t even remember the damn names of half the films. Sexy Beast has a title that screams B-Movie. This was a classic – not a B-movie classic, but a proper A-grade classic.

This movie is a study in the art of hiring. HR guys out there, watch this for the manner in which Ben Kingsley builds up the tempo to go all out and convince a former con to join him for one last bank job. Kingsley is charming in a most menacing way, sadistic, and depraved way. He requests politely, then demands that his request is met, then forces the con to accede to his demands. When this does not happen blood is shed, but without giving away too much the job gets done in the end.

Kingsley deserved to be nominated for the best actor category rather than best supporting actor. Such was the power of his short but lasting performance in the movie. The rest of the cast is good. Ray Winstone as the con disturbed by Don Logan (Ben Kingsley’s) visit to his retirement paradise in Spain is spot on. So too are thw two beautiful women in the film. This is a Brit gangster drama/thriller that brings back memories of the ’70s sinister Brit gangster flicks like Get Carter (Michael Caine). Watch it for Ben Kingsley.


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