Dexter reaches Chennai

It’s been more than a month since I enlightened a fellow movie buff about a bright new serial killer on the loose – Dexter Morgan. Christy got his copy of Dexter couriered to him this morning and he’s gonna have one hell of a ride when he gets back home to his DVD player.

It’s impossible to describe Dexter in any single way. Simply put – he’s there on earth to kill. I was introduced to Dexter Morgan by a friend who was going through session after session of serials that he had downloaded thanks to Bittorrent and other half a dozen download sites. I was hooked from the first scene onwards and went through nights without sleep just to keep up with Dexter’s life in a single go. The following morning in office used to be one big session of red eyes and dark circles.


Dexter is a serial about a Miami blood splatter analyst who is a serial killer by night. The rest is about the dilemmas he faces in undertaking police field work while carrying out his dark deeds by night. Inspired by the novel ‘Darkly Dreaming Dexter‘ this series is deliciously witty, bloody and sensuous. I fell in love with Miami from the first scene onwards. I swear, even Miami vice coudn’t have made the city look more beautiful and deadly.

Christy being a respected film and music afficionado (he writes music columns for the Indian Express while he’s off from his job as a Business Development executive in a s/w firm), sure deserved to get this much earlier. Procrastination and a shortage of DVD writers prevented me from getting this series across to him earlier. Now that he has it in his hands let’s see what he has to say. If there’s one guy’s review I can trust, it’s Christy’s.


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